A  leading B2B wholesale stock clothes distributor, AlSeor offers different sets of brands that encompass clothes, shoes, accessories, and perfumes.

A B2B Supplier of Wholesale Clothing from Europe to all continents

We ship wholesale stock clothes from Europe to all continents. Our products encompass complete sets of clothes, shoes, and assessories from different brands and markets. Our B2B collaboration expands all over the globes and reaches differnt markets. 

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Our attractive pricing matches the top quality of the wholesale stock clothes we supply to our retail customers. Buy grand brands and make the best business deals!

Pieces of clothes folded over a chair. The chair looks grand and well-lit. This picture reflects our wholesale clothing services.


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What we, as a B2B wholesale clothing supplier. can bring you, as a clothing retailor:




Are you an owner of a boutique, wholesale distributor, retail chain, brand shop, or online clothing business? We are looking forward to becoming your partners and making business deals with you. We guarantee to enrich your product collections with top-quality brands of clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

Our win-win strategy is the core of our business! We do our best to ensure that each wholesale clothing business transaction we conduct with our partners is a win-win deal! This strategy stems from our belief that the longevity of any business relies significantly on a mutually beneficial partnership. 
Becoming one of our suppliers or regular customers means that you have become our business partner! With our expertise and knowledge in the wholesale clothing business, we assure you that our collaboration will be fruitful and flourishing!

Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our headquarter; you are always welcome!